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  • Shirley Bailey says:

    I bought white vinegar and it is milky. I have never seen milky white vinegar. I use it in my wash but am reluctant to use in food. Code appears to A9BJW 14 16 41 .

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi Shirley,

      We would love to learn more about your purchase of milky vinegar. Can you contact us at marketing@nfpc.com?

      • Sarah Dingus says:

        I also bought some white distilled vinegar. I didn’t realize it was a milky color until I poured it out into my pot to make pickles. I went ahead and used it but now am wondering if it’s ok. It had not been opened and has a best by date of Feb 13, 2021 and a code A9BPC 07:45:34. Please let me know.

        • White House Foods says:

          Hi Sarah,

          Although it is uncommon for White Distilled Vinegar to be cloudy, it can happen and it is completely safe for you to use and consume.

  • Shirley Wise says:

    I purchased a 10 oz bottle of “Organic Green Tea apple cider vinegar tonic.” Should I drink the whole bottle like a regular beverage, or do I have to sip it or mix it with water?

  • Lynn Kellam says:

    Have you discontinued Scalloped apples? It is my husband’s favorite side with pork.

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi Lynn,

      Scalloped apples and Ice Cream Toppers are still in production as a specialty item. Give us a call and we can ship them to ya! 🙂

  • jean says:

    does your organic apple cider vinegar need to be refrigerated after opening?

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi Jean,

      No, our Vinegar does not need to be refrigerated! Saves room in the fridge for some White House Apple Juice! 🙂

  • Marlene R. says:

    You mention a “Versatile Vinegar” cookbook. Where can I purchase it?

  • Marlene R. says:

    You mention a “Versatile Vinegar” cookbook. Where can I purchase it?

  • christy miller says:

    Do you still make apple butter? None of my local stores carry it anymore.


    Are you closed for winter break?

  • Patti Skidmore says:

    I am updating my safe food list. Do any of your products contain peanuts or tree nuts? Are there peanuts or tree nuts in your facility? Thank you

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi Patti,

      Our facilities are free from peanut and tree nuts. No items containing nuts or peanuts are made in our facilities.

  • Teresa Kinney says:

    I purchase Apple Cider Vinegar by the half gallon – I love this stuff! And it’s safe for our allergies. I have to make all of our condiments – mayo, pickles, ketchup, etc – due to corn allergy with white vinegar. Lately I’ve noticed the vinegar is cloudy to down right muddy! I even ran it through a coffee filter. Have you changed your manufacturing? Will this be the new normal for ACV? The jug I have now carries the code A9ACI 07:45:22 Best By JUL-31-2020. My pickles still taste good, but they don’t look appetizing!

  • CARRIE RICKS says:

    How much water is in the lavender cleaning vinegar?

  • Cindy Stoneman says:

    What is the ‘Recommended Detox Period’ with consuming a bottle a day. 1 week, 2 weeks, 21 days?

  • Melicia marshall says:

    I just brought a bottle of the Detox apple vinegar and I drink it 8oz on empty stomach in the morning and I guess I’m supposed to do it again later this evening I want to know how long does it take to work and if it work for me how often can I use this product?

    • White House Foods says:


      We recommend Detoxing for 7 days each month. Depending on your dieting program (Keto, Low Carb, etc), you are welcome to use our Detox product during the detoxification period.

  • Tye Smalls says:

    I recently purchased the apple juice & apple cidar vinegar blend. How often can I or should I be sipping this through a straw. There was no reviews on this product.

  • Do you still make the Peach flavor ACV tonic ? I can;t find it anymore.

  • Vicki says:

    I bought a bottle of your apple cider vinegar. It does not say organic on the label. I do see the mother floating in the bottle. Is this one different from the one that is labeled organic?

  • P johnson says:

    I am on synthroid for hypothyroidism. Will taking ACV interfer with this medicine?

  • Susan Wiecke says:

    Can White House Cleaning Vinegar be used to clean hard wood floors?

    • White House Foods says:

      Hello, we don’t recommend using Cleaning vinegar for hardwoods without the wood solution made for your floors. Each wood floor type has a different solution mix required to ensure long lasting hardwood floors.

  • Mary says:

    What is the amount of potassium and phosphorous in one serving of White Distilled Vinegar?

  • Ann says:

    I can no longer find gallon or half gallon jugs of your white vinegar in my local stores. is it still available. i use it in making sauces and need it frequently and can not afford shipping costs.

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi Ann.. check out our White Distilled Vinegar on Amazon.com. You can even subscribe and save! 🙂

  • Zehava Baron says:

    I tried to buy WHITE HOUSE
    apple sauce ALL NATURAL PLUS
    FAIR LAWN NJ 07410
    and I WAS told that it is discontinued. Why ? it is such a good product.

    Zehava Baron . 201-791-0751

  • Melodie says:

    How can I drink this to boost weight lost?

    • White House Foods says:


      Weight loss can be different for every person. We suggest drinking Detox along with a healthy diet and exercise for best results. CDC suggests a healthy weight loss of 1-2lbs, per week (see more at https://goo.gl/NTge2L)

  • Are you a New York Stock Exchange CompanY

  • Sylvia C Habel says:

    I would like to order the White House Canned Sliced Apples in the 20oz cans. Tell me how much they are sold for.

  • Betty Martin says:

    I just bought a bottle of your vinegar with mother. I’ve been using vinegar for a long time and have never smelled anything like it. It smells like fermented fruit. Also tastes like it. Is it supposed to smell and taste like this. When I opened it the entire green cap and ring came off. I’m not sure it was sea;ed . I’m almost afraid to drink it. Please respond. Thanks

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi there..

      Mother tends to grow inside ACV over time. If you’ve had it for so long that the mother came off then we recommend getting a new bottle.

  • Kathryn says:

    Hi! We have been drinking the 100% Fresh Pressed apple juice for several years. Recently, we found a new label that is white that reads Fresh Pressed. Now, we can’t find either items at any of our stores. Can you please tell me if you still make and sell Fresh pressed apple juice that is not from concentrate with no added sugars? We live in Matthews, NC and use to buy it from Publix and Walmart but it is no longer at either location. Thank you.

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi Kathryn,

      We are still making this signature product. Could you reach out to us directly and we can help you locate this product?

    • Margo says:

      I live in Orlando and can’t find it either. I’m going to order online.

  • Leon Simmons says:

    I love your White House Fresh Pressed 100% All Natural “Premium” Apple Juice. I live in South Hill, VA (23970), we shop at a Food Lion. Question; why is the Premium Apple Juice so hard to get here? Can I request some to be shipped to me.

  • Steven sidebottom says:

    Why does my gallon of 100% apple juice contain tea instead of juice? Also, why is it made in china when you advertise made in the USA?

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi Steven,

      Your apple juice should have 100 juice. In your second question, we make a Premium Apple Juice made from apples grown in the USA.
      Look for our Fresh Pressed Premium Apple Juice.

  • Freddie Santiago says:

    When was this product canned.All I have are these numbers off the cans wrapper 43600 00174

  • bertha evans says:

    I bought the Detox 6 servings 6 pack. It says take 1 bottle (2OZ) when you awake and 1 bottle when you are ready to sleep. Is this correct or does it mean to take 1 bottle in am or 1bottle in pm? Which would be 1 bottle a day. Thank you for your answer.

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi there –

      If you have the 16oz bottle we recommend drink half the bottle in the AM and other half in PM.
      If you have the 2oz bottle we recommend drinking 1 bottle in the AM and 1 bottle in the PM.

      Start your journey today!

  • MaryEllen willey says:

    I want to order White House apple cider vinegar green tea tonic. It comes in 10 fl oz. our stores don’t carry it any more can we order a couple cases

  • KB says:

    How long should I wait to eat after drinking my ACV detox?

  • Penny says:

    Can you use the unrefined with mother for the apple vinegar called for in soap making?

  • Monica says:

    Is this safe to drink while nursing?

  • Efi says:

    Walmart in Baton Rouge, Louisiana used to sell your wonderful Cleaning Vinegar Lemon Scent and they don’t sell it anymore. What other grocery store in Baton Rouge sells it. thanks. EM

  • Glenda Biddix says:

    looks like large amt. of black, brown, & red bugs + other strange stuff in the 50 oz. jar of apple sauce I haven’t opened. I don’t know if it’s safe to eat.

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi there.. please reach out to us directly, we would like to learn more about your product. Please call us at 1-800-655-4022

  • Mark says:

    How do you use ACV and what is it used for?
    Are there recepies for ACV?

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi Mark,

      You can use ACV for many different uses. We welcome you to send in a label of our vinegar bottle with a check for $12.99, we will ship you a Versatile Vinegar Book (with 400+ different ways to use vinegar)

  • Jane says:

    I’m interested in your acv 2oz travel bottles 6-pack. Are the bottles plastic or glass? If plastic, are they bpa-free? Thanks.

  • Dia says:

    I’m from northeast Pennsylvania. Our local supermarkets use to sell whitehouse products but I don’t see them around anymore. Loved them. Now where can I purchase them. Bring them back please.

  • dorinda says:

    looking to clean my system for pot

  • Pam Rose says:

    Love your child cinnamon.on applesauce but can’t find at any retailers. Last time I called your shipping costs were more than the cost of the product. Will any retailers be carrying this product in the near future?

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi Pam,

      Our pricing has changed and also includes free shipping for orders over $30 on select items.

  • Brenda H. Franklin says:

    I used some cabinet stored WH Renew Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and have had it about 6 weeks. Only after using it on cucumbers did I notice that it said refrigerate and use 10 days after opening. I don’t usually refrigerate vinegar. Is there any risks of illness to me?

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi there.. Organic Renew Organic Apple Cider Vinegar drink is made for as a single serve drink. If you’re canning, we recommend using White Distilled or Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

  • Brenda Fort says:

    Do you offer any tours of your applesauce production facilities?

    My grandson, age 3, loves your product and is fascinated with machinery. We are local and would love to bring him for a tour.

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi there..

      We are currently not offering any tours. We do appreciate your son’s fascination with machinery! Please stay tuned to our social media accounts for latest updates!

  • Jason Mendel says:

    I have 3 Whitehouse vinegar glass bottles that I believe are dated around 1908. Are these bottles valuable, and if so could you tell me how much. I will gladly take a picture of them if someone would like to see them.

  • Mara Brevard says:

    Why is there gelatinous looking solids in my jug of your apple cider vinegar. I hadn’t used much, and only for baiting jars for gnats. I went to put some in a spray bottle and solids came out like thick chunks. I have never seen this in any apple cider. It would be very nasty if used in a recipe. There is also a darker mass still in the jug and I’m hopeful it is some apple that got by the straining process and not a frog or mouse.

  • J. Leone says:

    What exactly is “mother”?

    • White House Foods says:

      We call it “the good stuff” but here is a better explanation; Mother is a slurry-like material, is not a single substance or organism, but a mixture. This mixture is capable of fermenting sugars and oxidizing alcohols to acids.

  • Linda Nutt says:

    Hi. I recently have an issue with 2 jars of your Apple Sauce. I tried to send a product comment, but it won’t send. Just keeps changing the code it wants me to put in. What can I do about this?

  • Jamie Arriaga says:

    I just purchased and tasted your focus blueberry green tea and ginseng vinegar and it is unbelievably easy on the pallet. Did you add anything else or is the amounts of blueberry green tea and ginseng alter the taste that much?

  • Steven Sidebottom says:

    Well it was 100% tea…

  • Judy Heiger says:

    I love the your apple butter flavor. But its too watery!

  • Janice Schultz says:

    i love your 100% apple juice but why do the knew bottles with the green label have a weird smokey scent and after taste? it is not good

  • Mollie Russell says:

    Maybe someone has already asked this, but do you eat regularly during this detox? I have the shots that I plan on starting today, but want to know if I have to change anything about my diet during the 3-day cleanse. Do I have to fast for the duration of my fast?

  • mdbboehmer316 says:

    Hey guys… PROBLEM! But First off, just to put it on the table, I LOVE YOUR APPLE BUTTER!
    That being said, I will do my best to keep this simple and brief. However, as a law-enforcement officer of over 11 years, I have been conditioned to be incredibly thorough and detailed in anything I type or submit… so it tends to be very difficult for me to simplify things especially since I’ve pretty much always been overly detailed with things… (if not clearly evident already). By now I could’ve had a simple question typed and been done.
    However, I believe a little bit of my story is relevant to the question and in the end, you will see that much of this is a BIG COMPLIMENT, cloaked in a lengthy, albeit simple question, that {many} may not take the time to read, (understably so), and {few} may be blessed with appreciation, warmth, and understanding in their hearts, with an affinity for having “been there”!

    I am 6’.7”, 48 yrs old, and in pretty good shape! In my younger days, I Moonlighted as a “High Profile” Bodyguard, having spent time with many celebrities – (Keanu Reaves, Pam Anderson, Jack Nicholson, Nicholas Cage… musicians ( Rush, Metallica, Cheap Trick, Toto, Garth Brooks, Trace Adkins and dozens more… Politicians (Newt Gingrich, Jeb Bush, General Norman Schwarzkopf) and many athletes and entertainers, Hulk Hogan, Bruce Smith, Barry Sanders, Michael Jordan and countless others… (And my all-time personal favorite, though I never work for him obviously was my getting to meet and shake the hand of President Ronald Reagan…
    Now, if I have your attention, I will do my best to keep this simple and brief.
    Most used to say that at first glance, Id been considered a formidable beast, and someone that was not to be taken lightly… And then once people get to know me, they would say that what is on my insides does not match my outside. I’m actually easy-going. I’ve always been incredibly strong and big into pumping iron, and I am in significantly better shape at 48 than most others my age, and even the young twentysomethings hope they never have to tangle with me. I will admit that the Lord has blessed me and I have been very fortunate. Although this tended to serve me well as I grew up on the streets of Detroit in the 70s and 80s and had to do lots of fighting just to stay out of crime and gangs.
    Are used to walk around had a good 300 to 315 pounds benching 475 up into my mid 30s. But then life set in and I became a husband and a father. Little by little, over the span of about 16 years, My waist went from 34 inches, up to my biggest at 44 inches about three years ago. I never knew what I was on gods earth for, until I became a father. I am all about being a daddy. It was not until my daughter got into fourth grade that I started to notice I was having a bit of a hard time keeping up my endurance to play with her and her friends. I’ve always been incredibly strong and have never questioned or feared my ability to protect and care for my family. But it was at that time I started to wonder, if I have been playing with her and her friends on the playground for five minutes and I am already out of breath, what’s going to happen five years from now when they are bigger and faster. How would I protect them if some adversary with ill intent just ran circles around me for a few minutes until I tired out leaving me or my family completely vulnerable. As a law-enforcement officer most of my physical confrontations never would last more than a few seconds or half a minute. So my endurance had never really been tested. It took a beautiful little fourth-grader to open my eyes. This was all in the last three years. About two years ago, I started feeling some things going on with my heart. I went to a heart doctor and they put a heart monitor on me for a while and in the end they found I had developed heart palpitations which alone, they said it was not anything for me to be real worried about, however if not monitored could develop into some serious heart problems like something called a fib. They prescribed me a drug called metoprolol and told me to take it once a day. In a world where people are always so paranoid to die, and they live their gluttonous lives, creating so many health problems by the foods they eat, and lack of exercise and they pump their bodies full of pills to counteract their body’s breaking down. I have always said, that I will not be a pill junkie. I will not take pills to help me continue and support my bad habits. Even at 48, I say that whatever I can’t fix through diet, nutrition, and exercise, then the good Lord is calling me home and it will be time to go. No I am not talking to those of you that have a genetic predisposition‘s for cancers and other tragic diseases or ailments. I’m just talking about those that continue to shovel unhealthy foods in excess into their bodies and sit around playing on their iPhones and tablets all day literally assisting their bodies, actually encouraging their bodies to break down . For me it was time To put up, or shut up. I decided it was time to stop pumping iron and start working on my cardio… That’s it! I got up one morning, mapped out a 1 mile route around my development and it began. I started out walking 1 mile then would try to lightly jog or trot another mile, and then walk a mile, and then lightly jog or trot a mile. Within a couple weeks, I would walk 1 mile then jog 1 mile then walk 1 mile and so on. Within a few months, I was up to jogging four and 5 miles. Within six months or so, people at work were asking me Why I was losing so much weight. Somebody asked if I was sick with something, others would ask “how much weight are you trying to lose”, some others even asked me if I had lap band surgery that seems to be very popular nowadays. I told them, I was perfectly healthy as my lab tests and blood results showed with zero cholesterol issues. I told them I had never set out to lose a single pound. Truth be told, at 6 foot seven, walking around with a 44 inch waist still did not look that bad on me. It looked fairly normal for a guy my size. Now, two years later, I have a 36 inch waist and As much cardio as I need so my daughter never has to question my invincibility. As a father, my number one priority for my beautiful daughter is to not just set the standard, but to “BE THE STANDARD”, in which she will judge all men!
    In all of this, I also had to modify my diet. Not much though. I’ve never been a big junk food junkie. But what I did find was that most of my life, just like others, right around lunchtime or about an hour after, I was always hit with that mid afternoon feeling like I just needed to sleep for 30 minutes. What I learned was that eating carbohydrates are what created that feeling of almost needing to be comatose for a small nap during the day. Don’t miss read this, I am not anti-carbohydrate, I love carbohydrates. I don’t even moderate myself with them. I just stopped eating them during the day when I’m working. I had to find good protein options so I don’t get that mid day sleep dump. Instead of taking sandwiches with bread and things like that, I started taking things that were very fast and simple to eat as in my line of work, there is sell them time to just sit somewhere and eat anymore. I would take peanut butter in a small container and bananas and yogurt and granola things like that. I’ve been developed what I call a “Boehmer blast“! Boehmer is my last name. But I got tired of eating my midday snacks individually, so I started mixing them. I would put 2 tablespoons of peanut butter in the bottom of a cup or a bowl and put my Greek yogurt on top of that, and then put my granola on top of that and lightly mix it up and show it down and found it to be incredibly delicious. However one day, I was at home mixing it up and we had a small jar of apple butter in the fridge. I don’t know why but I just wondered what boehmer is my last name. But I got tired of eating my midday snacks individually, so I started mixing them. I would put 2 tablespoons of peanut butter in the bottom of a cup or a bowl and put my Greek yogurt on top of that, and then put my granola on top of that and lightly mix it up and shower down and found it to be incredibly delicious. However one day, I was at home mixing it up and we had a small jar of apple butter in the fridge. I don’t know why but I just wondered what that was that would taste like since I really like peanut butter on apples and always have. I also love almond butter with bananas and apples. It was a very small jar of apple butter and I drizzled a little bit on top of my “Boehmer blast“. I about fell to the floor with delight. I’ve been went on the hunt for apple butter and found a good size jar at Walmart. It was yours. I bought one jar took it home and drizzled a little on top of my midday snack and again just about hit the floor with delight. That one jar lasted me about a week and I went and then bought two jars so that way every time one jar was empty, I would just crack open the new one. And then when I crack open the new one, that’s why I know it’s time to buy another one so I always had two jars. I have been doing this for over a year a year with your Applebutter and have gotten many many others hooked on it as well. This is where “the problem“ comes in. I don’t know if I am responsible for starting and East Coast, or possibly nationwide movement, but for some reason my Walmart has run out of your apple butter and has not had any for the last two weeks. If you days ago I saw online that not Wilmington North Carolina not Shallotte or Ocean Isle Beach where I live, and only one store down in Myrtle Beach had some apple butter of yours and I was prepared to drive down there and get it on my day off. Well, today is my day off and it was a long drive for nothing. I drove 32 miles and they had none. So then I tried looking online for any anywhere and no one seems to have any . So I scanned my last jar into my phone and you guys actually popped up. Where apparently I can buy it straight from you. I was prepared to order a case of a dozen or so jars until I noticed the price. I was about to pay almost $80 for 12 jars of something that cost about three bucks at my local Walmart. I looked at your cost and was shocked when I saw how much it was. I zoomed in on your jar on your website to see if maybe yours was organic or had something else that mine did not have and it did not they were both non-GMO with no high fructose corn syrup. So I am very confused. I do understand free enterprise and I know Walmart probably buys thousands at a time so obviously you get a huge price break but as a husband and father on a law enforcement officers salary, I cannot in good conscience buy a jar of apple butter for seven or eight bucks when I will now only treat myself to Allman butter maybe once a month because it is so expensive. My question is this… Am I responsible for single-handedly keeping you guys in the black this year and boosting your sales and possibly creating a nationwide shortage of apples? Or, less narcissistic and more likely, is it just a seasonal thing and I’m going to have to deal with not having any apple butter till spring time or what?
    That’s it… I’m just wondering where is all the apple butter? I guess I could just delete all the other nonsense and leave that question by itself but then I will have just wasted an hour of my time and you would not be blessed with getting to know a little bit of my story and how wonderful your product is. Thanks for your time. I’ve got about two days left of my apple butter and I don’t know what I’m going to do after that.

    1Sgt G Boehmer (Beemer)

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi there, thank you for reaching out. An email has been sent to you asking for more information to address and locate the apple butter you’re looking for.. and also, thanks for the wonderful compliments

  • Steve Cook says:

    Wanting to purchase apple cider for a recipe. I can find apple juice and apple cider vinegar, but not apple cider. What is the difference between juice and cider?

  • Larry Hilliard says:

    You said all your apples are USA. Next to the use by date on the 64 oz. bottle it says China! You talk about your orchards, show the American flag, and use scripture on your bottle, then are untruthful about where the apples come from. this needs to be looked into further

  • Becky Schlein says:

    Your quality control is slipping! I am finding LARGE pieces of stem in the Chunky Applesauce. I also found a human hair today. This is unacceptable. You are losing a customer.

  • lindsey says:

    I purchased the 16 oz Renew drink. Do I drink the whole thing in one day for the benefits or a certain amount? Also, is this something I can drink on a daily basis?

  • Gail Grooms says:

    I can’t find your apple butter either in my Charleston, SC stores. There is simply NO substitute for White House Apple Butter as I am sure you know. Is it still being made?

  • Raphael G. Edwards says:

    I just purchase the White House
    Organic apple cider vinegar, 16FL OZ (1PT) 473 mL.
    The nutrition Facts, 1serving per container, does this mean I must drink the entire bottle one time?

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