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  • Shirley Bailey says:

    I bought white vinegar and it is milky. I have never seen milky white vinegar. I use it in my wash but am reluctant to use in food. Code appears to A9BJW 14 16 41 .

  • Shirley Wise says:

    I purchased a 10 oz bottle of “Organic Green Tea apple cider vinegar tonic.” Should I drink the whole bottle like a regular beverage, or do I have to sip it or mix it with water?

  • Lynn Kellam says:

    Have you discontinued Scalloped apples? It is my husband’s favorite side with pork.

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi Lynn,

      Scalloped apples and Ice Cream Toppers are still in production as a specialty item. Give us a call and we can ship them to ya! 🙂

  • jean says:

    does your organic apple cider vinegar need to be refrigerated after opening?

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi Jean,

      No, our Vinegar does not need to be refrigerated! Saves room in the fridge for some White House Apple Juice! 🙂

  • Marlene R. says:

    You mention a “Versatile Vinegar” cookbook. Where can I purchase it?

  • Marlene R. says:

    You mention a “Versatile Vinegar” cookbook. Where can I purchase it?

  • christy miller says:

    Do you still make apple butter? None of my local stores carry it anymore.


    Are you closed for winter break?

  • Patti Skidmore says:

    I am updating my safe food list. Do any of your products contain peanuts or tree nuts? Are there peanuts or tree nuts in your facility? Thank you

    • White House Foods says:

      Hi Patti,

      Our facilities are free from peanut and tree nuts. No items containing nuts or peanuts are made in our facilities.

  • Teresa Kinney says:

    I purchase Apple Cider Vinegar by the half gallon – I love this stuff! And it’s safe for our allergies. I have to make all of our condiments – mayo, pickles, ketchup, etc – due to corn allergy with white vinegar. Lately I’ve noticed the vinegar is cloudy to down right muddy! I even ran it through a coffee filter. Have you changed your manufacturing? Will this be the new normal for ACV? The jug I have now carries the code A9ACI 07:45:22 Best By JUL-31-2020. My pickles still taste good, but they don’t look appetizing!

  • CARRIE RICKS says:

    How much water is in the lavender cleaning vinegar?

  • Cindy Stoneman says:

    What is the ‘Recommended Detox Period’ with consuming a bottle a day. 1 week, 2 weeks, 21 days?

  • Melicia marshall says:

    I just brought a bottle of the Detox apple vinegar and I drink it 8oz on empty stomach in the morning and I guess I’m supposed to do it again later this evening I want to know how long does it take to work and if it work for me how often can I use this product?

    • White House Foods says:


      We recommend Detoxing for 7 days each month. Depending on your dieting program (Keto, Low Carb, etc), you are welcome to use our Detox product during the detoxification period.

  • Tye Smalls says:

    I recently purchased the apple juice & apple cidar vinegar blend. How often can I or should I be sipping this through a straw. There was no reviews on this product.

  • Do you still make the Peach flavor ACV tonic ? I can;t find it anymore.

  • Vicki says:

    I bought a bottle of your apple cider vinegar. It does not say organic on the label. I do see the mother floating in the bottle. Is this one different from the one that is labeled organic?

  • P johnson says:

    I am on synthroid for hypothyroidism. Will taking ACV interfer with this medicine?

  • Susan Wiecke says:

    Can White House Cleaning Vinegar be used to clean hard wood floors?

    • White House Foods says:

      Hello, we don’t recommend using Cleaning vinegar for hardwoods without the wood solution made for your floors. Each wood floor type has a different solution mix required to ensure long lasting hardwood floors.

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