Chunky Apple Sauce

14 reviews

A perfect blend of local fresh apples with just enough stout.

All Natural
A perfect blend of fresh, local USA Apples
Made from 100% Homegrown Apples
NON GMO Project Verified
Gluten Free

White House Foods® brings Apple Sauces that are made from U.S Apples in Winchester, VA. A perfect blend of local fresh apples with just enough stout. An All Natural and Gluten Free product with No High Fructose Corn Syrup. No artificial ingredients.


Apples, Sugar, Water.

6 pack Sleeve

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  • Dotty says:

    Your family will swear you slaved over a hot stove, peeling dozens of apples! My applesauce, made with White House CHUNKY Applesauce, Red Hots, cinnamon and brown sugar, is always a hit with friends and family.

  • Kate says:

    Absolutely the best! I’ve bought this for years, but sadly my local stores have stopped carrying it. Will find another supplier asap.

  • margaret eaker says:

    excellent flavor, texture, and just-right sweetness. available at Kroger, Lowe’s foods and sometimes at Food Lion in Raleigh, nc. my morning would not be complete without a bowl of this great stuff.

  • Carrolla says:

    This my very favorite apple sauce! I would eat it every day, if I could find it. I was able to find it, but lately no one seems to carry it. I’m hoping to find a store that carries this wonderful product.

  • Rodney Travis says:

    I’ve purchased this in the past and it was quite good. However recent jars and individual containers I’ve purchased contained a very soupy blend of apple sauce which wasn’t that pleasing. I would recommend inspecting the contents very carefully to make sure the consistency of the apple sauce is thicker unless of course you like your applesauce on the soupy side.

  • Michelle says:

    Very good. It’s sweet and delicious. I love that its all natural, local and only 3 Ingredients. This is the only brand applesauce I ever buy!

  • David says:

    This is MY applesauce. Local stores don’t carry it anymore, but I happily pay the shipping charges and get it online. And, I know it is as fresh as it can be because it is taken right off the assembly line, packaged, and mailed the same day!!!

  • Diana Ryther says:

    It has peelings, seeds, and pieces of the core.
    I have tried two out of the pack.
    I was very disappointed.

    • White House Foods says:


      White House products are all natural and made with real apples. We do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Please reach out to us directly at and we can resolve this issue.

      Please note* Our products are made from fresh apples. You may find small pieces of the real fruit such as peels, seeds or stems.

  • George Rimmer says:

    Yes my last purchase has seed hulls beyond my satisfaction, outside of this it is actually a treat. Ref Product WH All Natural Chunky Apple Sauce.

  • Dave Van says:

    I just found this Saturday while shopping. FANTASTIC product. I was looking for apple sauce like my grandmother would make…..this is as close as you can get.

    • WhiteHouseFoods says:

      So happy to hear this Dave! Chunky is one of my personal favorites, as well! It pairs well with many meals and great to eat alone as a quick snack! 🙂

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