White House Foods® Apple Butter (28oz)

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Best served on warm muffins, bread and bagels.

100% U.S. Apples.

Made with NON GMO Ingredients
NON GMO Project Verified

A blend of fresh apples, spices and sweeteners make up this traditional Apple Butter! Best served on warm muffins, bread and bagels. Slowly churned for a delicious taste. 3 Simple Ingredients.  


Apples, Sugar, Spices.

12oz Jar

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28oz Jar

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#10 Can

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  • White House Foods says:

    Hi there.. thank you for reaching out! We recommend visiting your local Walmart or Publix in your area.
    Feel free to call us at 5406623401 if you need additional assistance.

  • White House Foods says:

    We do not use any allergens in our production facilities. We do not use peanuts or any nuts of any kind when making all of our White House products.

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