White House Foods® Apple Butter

3 reviews

Best served on warm muffins, bread and bagels.

100% U.S. Apples.

Made with NON GMO Ingredients
NON GMO Project Verified*

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A blend of fresh apples, spices and sweeteners make up this traditional Apple Butter! Best served on warm muffins, bread and bagels. Slowly churned for a delicious taste. 3 Simple Ingredients.  


Apples, Sugar, Spices.

12oz Jar

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28oz Jar

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#10 Can

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  • Matthew T. Aldenderfer says:

    I grew up nearby in Middletown, Md……near PA Dutch Country, where my paternal ancestors landed after their arrival to the USA. I was raised on apple butter, more specifically the Dutch combo of apple butter and cottage cheese, which is normal table fare at home and at area restaurants. This apple butter brings back all of those memories of youth…..except that it is simply better. Stronger apple flavor, more-intensely spiced, denser texture….it simply is the best I’ve had, period. I have used apple butter products east of the Mississippi, and have yet to find one that I prefer to this one, including those special one-off local/regional varieties found in small market shops. My only wish and hope is that I am never without this

  • Mike C. says:

    I would like to see a version of your good ole apple butter without corn syrup, with just plain old sugar. Or, maybe even no added sweetener since apples themselves are sweet. High fructose corn syrup is the worst, but most all corn syrup is made from GMO corn now, so it’s best to avoid. I can get this in the applesauce in the stores but so far not apple butter.

  • Irismcdan1 says:

    I have been using White House Apple Butter for several years. WalMart has stopped carrying it, so I ordered six 28 Oz. jars on line. They arrived in perfect condition and I am very glad that it is available on line. I highly recommend W.H. Apple Butter, I love it!

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