White House Foods® Cleaning Vinegar Lavender Scent

3 reviews

Strong Enough to do the job!

Clean with Confidence!

A sweet Lavender Scent after cleaning!



Food Grade for safety if accidentally consumed.
Want to clean without adding toxins in your home. All New White House Cleaning Vinegar was made with your family in mind. Clean with confidence knowing your family will be exposed to a safe product. Try all of the invigorating scents such as Original, Lemon, and Lavender!
Food Grade for safety if accidentally consumed.


White Distilled Vinegar, Water, Natural Lavender Extract. Reduced with water to 6% acidity.


  • Helen minnix says:

    Best cleaning product I have ever used.

  • Alison Mary White says:

    Good smell. Good clean. Good work White House!

  • Lynda Patten says:

    I have restored the lushness and absorbency to my bath towels by adding the lavender scented cleaning vinegar to the pre-wash cycle for my towels that were five years old. They now feel like new and are fluffy and soft. I am using it on my new towels to maintain their fresh feel. Thanks, White House

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